A Few Thoughts For 2022

One of the many beauties of a new year is that we get to re-invent ourselves. Either through our goals, new year resolutions or by using the 10-10-10 worksheet method to manifest all the newness you want and desire… the re-invention journey continues, trying to be your best self by consciously making the decision that you will put in the effort to turn your life around. We don’t always have to wait for a new year to do this. In fact, they are the things we achieve through out the year. Welcome to 2022! I do pray that it’s a splendiferous and spectacular year for you, more so I pray that clarity, purpose and direction meets you this year. 

Here are some thoughts as we start to settle into 2022 and adulting in 2022 (I turn 30 in 3 weeks, phew!):


  • Lauryn Hill was really onto something when she wrote, “It could all be so simple…” Sis might be late to her shows but she was on time with this lyric.
  • Rock bottom isn’t the end. If you’re at your lowest right now, your wit’s end, you’re in the perfect position for a new beginning. There’s only one direction to go when you’re at the bottom – UP!
  • Do one thing everyday that makes you happy. It can be as simple as listening to your favourite song.
  • Release the burden of trying to get people to “see” you.
  • Big hearts need bigger boundaries. Set those boundaries today.
  • Love yourself a little more on the days when your best is a little less than it is on the regular.
  • A person should always be able to name the last time they’ve felt loved/seen/appreciated by you.
  • You are worthy of good things “without conditions”
  • Some *missed opportunities* were really dodged bullets. Make peace with that.
  • “Sometimes a HELLO can be the beginning of a another 3 years of therapy”
  • Saying YES for the sake of purpose when you’re used to saying yes for your survival, can be a daunting task. Cheers and grace to you!
  • “It doesn’t have to be perfect to be good”
  • Trust God to *pace* your steps as much as you trust him to *order* them.
  • Proving a point isn’t the same thing as healing.
  • When the hype fades, hearts will be revealed.
  • You are not weak for having difficult days
  • There’s a lot of peace in realising “It is what it is” and “It isn’t what it isn’t
  • Waiting will always be better than rushing and forcing.
  • Prophet Hov said, “Nigg*s wanted to kill me and y’all still with ‘em. N*gga, y’all chill with ‘em, and y’all wonder why we not friends? Best thing I can do is not build with you when I could destroy you, that takes some *** discipline. (…And that’s on period! Need I say more?)
  • NSA to me sounds like No Sexual Activities, and I’m all for that. (Something more substantial please!)
  • GO TO THERAPY! There’s no shame when it comes to your mental health and self care.
  • Make room for people who want to love you.
  • Be kind to the person you are becoming.

…And lastly, remember, just like the moon, we all go through phases. We change, we grow and we always become whole again. I look forward to seeing you and collaborating with you in 2022. Have a fantastic one!

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