Be Consistent! – A Personal Story

Dear Creative,

When I kicked off the year 2020 I was amped about creating different creative outlets for myself. I had it all planned out and then came Coronavirus which made me unenthusiastic about a lot of things. My decision to not be a struggling creative went down the drain. Things I once loved suddenly became drab for me. I knew I couldn’t chuck it all up to bipolar disorder because the lethargy and drabness I felt was next level.

I gave up on doing my youtube videos because I thought I should have blown by now and not be grasping for people’s attention. I noticed this had become a pattern for me. Wanting to go from 11 to a 100 in the blink of an eye. I reviewed all my past projects and creative works, a lot of them were incomplete because I thought I should have blown with all that i have been doing. What was I doing wrong, I asked myself. I wasn’t willing to be consistent. Consistency is doing the hardest thing or things you need to do for your growth even when you don’t feel motivated enough to do them. 

There was a fellow thought leader who talks about spirituality and higher consciousness. He made youtube and instagram videos. In less than 6 months when I stopped posting and being active on social media, his pages started growing with more traffic and genuine interactions. What is he doing that I am not doing? He remained consistent, it didn’t matter to him if it was just one person paying attention. He kept going. The issue of consistency is the same thing I see with upcoming musicians, visual artists, writers and creatives in general. We start to lose hope when we’ve made 5 to 10 contents expecting to become the next big thing. Consistency is you keeping a promise to yourself about achieving your goals and your growth. Particularly, consistency is keeping a promise to your audience/people who are paying attention to what you are doing even if they don’t like, comment or share your work.

I know the journey has not been easy and it takes a lot of work to stay motivated and to keep going. Don’t lose hope, keep doing what you love and soon you will rise up.

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