Dear 2023, With All Disrespect…

It’s a new year and typically I’d recount the successes and gratitude of the year before. While I am appreciative of this journey and my endeavours, I can’t help but shake the fact that I got reacquainted with someone I once knew and loved dearly without hesitation – SHEIFUNMI.

I turned 30 in 2022 and experienced many things that I have always wanted to achieve, moved silently without feeling like I had anything to prove to anyone but myself. The past year was bumping head first into that 10 year old that started this media and showbiz journey to the 16 year old that created a pop culture platform that set tone for showbiz and entertainment blogging in Nigeria. Now, at 30, unabashed, vociferous with more clarity than ever, knowing I deserve more, most importantly, a RARITY.

If my pointers at the beginning of last year helped you through 2022, then this will do even more. Let’s not beat around the bush! In 2023, this is the beat sheet for this season:

You better walk into that room like the ancestors sent you in there!

Let me be clear, my love is unconditional but your presence in my life is not.
The moment that you prove that your value of me does not measure up to my sense of self worth, I’ll have no problem unconditionally loving the memory of you.

I don’t do red flag 🚩 I’m more of a caution ⚠️ because I do warn you. You just don’t be listening!

Drama is not for me. I like to laugh and make money!

Want to see real results + productivity? Learn the difference between what needs to be done vs. what’s nice to do. Prioritise necessities, not preferences.

I am unlearning and relearning what’s best for my life. My mindset has shifted, my path is clear and my heart is open.

Deflate that ego before it alienates you. Your vulnerability is an armour, use it wisely.

The hardest mind to change is a made up mind that belongs to a narcissistic person. Save your energy.

Get clear on what you want and even clearer on how you want it. Doing so will spare you from getting the right things the wrong way

Perfectionism is the enemy to peace. Many of us are miserable because we’re striving for perfection instead of steady progress.

People would be a lot less miserable if they didn’t spiritualize – or over-spiritualize – everything. We are spiritual AND human beings.

Sometimes you seriously have to laugh to keep from crying and other times just let it pour.

Trusting the journey also means trusting the trial and error, too. Getting it wrong is often the stepping stone to getting it right.

Realize that you’re no longer the little child who didn’t have choices and had to go with the flow in order to survive.  You get to choose now. Choose your way into the life of your dreams. Create your own flow.

When it’s not about wealth, growth, purpose, alignment, successful talking stage, and things I can hold space for, with all disrespect, GET SOMEBODY ELSE TO DO IT!

This is affirmative for me in 2023 – My cup is full, I always have everything I need.

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