I must say, I was never appreciative of life and all of the many blessings the universe has brought my way. I was always dwelling on the past and all the things that went wrong or looking way into the future, worrying and daydreaming. Since I embarked on my journey of spiritual awakening, into my consciousness and the endless possibilities of one’s self, I try to practice gratitude more through prayers and meditation.

However, healing my shadow-self, mental and emotional health made me realize gratitude trumps all and bring in more blessings and abundance. I am not saying you should only be appreciative because you want to receive something from the higher power but gratitude puts a big smile on God’s face. Angels are not the ones who receive our gratitude on God’s behalf, God receives our gratitude by his own self. Not angels, not our spirit guides but God himself.

When we practice gratitude, we become present and mindful. We see how everything is always working out for us. Gratitude puts us in alignment with our manifestations (the future) just as much as it helps us heal from our past. By being appreciative of what we have and what we have experienced in life, the good, the bad and the terrible, we create room for more positivity, healing and understanding of our purpose. While we are destined for great things in life, gratitude is part of our purpose, if not the most integral part of our purpose.

2020 may not have been your best year yet but there are things you are grateful for in spite of the challenging year. Practice gratitude by journaling or through meditation. Appreciate the magic that you are through breathing and breathworks, even while praying let your gratitude be more than your requests. It goes a long way if all you ever said today was ‘Thank you God for my being’, ‘Thank you for all that you continue to do for me’, ‘Thank you for the unconditional love and your compassion that never fails’.

Be grateful. See you in 2021!

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