I am fond of spending my birthday in bed and binge-watching TV series but for the first time in a long time I have birthday plans so I am sending this newsletter today. 

As this is the final chapter of my 20s, I am reflecting with a lot of gratitude. Looking at my journey from my teenage years through my 20s, I have accomplished a lot and I never take a breather to appreciate the wins, miracles, opportunities, trials, my mental health and the growth I have been through. I just keep going like ‘We are done with this, what’s next?’.

There has been a lot of failures in the short years of my existence but I have also had the courage to muscle through and learn from my mistakes. I win simply because I am bold and zealous to go after my goals and what I want in life (and I’ve refused to stop in spite of the hiccups on my journey). My 20s have taught me how to be resilient and resourceful. It has taught me that it is okay to move at your own pace according to how you are being directed by the universe and not try to be Oprah or Otedola in one week, don’t rush. 

I have watched myself evolve (my therapist would be so proud of me admitting this) and understand that everything happens for a purpose. Past relationships, heartbreaks, mental health breakdowns/crisis, childhood trauma and more all served a purpose and it was for me to go through the metamorphosis of who I am becoming. Normally I’d refrain from sharing that I used to feel unloved and unworthy of love but one of the biggest lessons I learned in my 20s is that I am the LOVE that I am looking for.

Prayer, meditation, self-actualization and awareness, mindfulness, self-care and self-love are the tools that have helped me through my 20s. The aforementioned play a huge role in how I stay grounded. I love you all and thank you for always reading my newsletters.

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