A few years back, when I prayed I used to second guess the part where I say ‘God, let your will be done’. I’d always wonder whether or not God was okay with my goals, dreams and ambitions. I’d say to myself, what if when all is said and done God’s direction for my life turns out to be outside of media and all the creative things that I do. What if I end up on a pulpit somewhere as a pastor or I become a teacher?

What I failed to realize was that I wasn’t willing to relinquish control even though I am not the driver of my life. The universe is. The creator of all that has come to be, the world and beyond is the driver of my life. This was a form of resistance to all the possibilities of what I can become in life and how I can make an impact on this earth. As a result of this mindset, I was blocking out opportunities that could in fact align perfectly with my goals and visions.

I had to learn and understand that I am not creative by accident. My numerous talents were instilled in me by a higher power. I didn’t give myself all these gifts! So, definitely, there was a plan in the universe for my life even before I had my own plans. Through my spiritual journey, I have helped people with insights and helped them fuel their newly awakened consciousness about the divine and a lot of its possibilities. As a mental health advocate, I helped others become more self-aware and attuned to the importance of mental wellness which has conveniently seen me teaching. Through my creative endeavours, others have been able to dream and have hope about the infinite possibilities of what they can be, what they can achieve and more. 

I didn’t do all these things by myself. I was (still am) moving according to how God has directed my steps, my creativity and endeavours. Along the way, I saw how God’s plan for my life is even more beautiful and perfect than my goals, dreams and ambitions. Let go of your resistance, let go of control. You are a being of infinite possibilities. Let God guide your light and your purpose.

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