Intentional means to do something on purpose. It is simply being deliberate. To live intentionally is to take consistent deliberate action in your life. There are factors that contribute to you living on purpose, two of which are choices and discipline.

Life is a series of choices. These choices align us with the life that we want to live and the future we have envisioned for ourselves. I like to use this analogy on mistakes; If you make a mistake the first time, it is accepted that you’ve made a mistake. The second time, it is still permissible but making the same mistake for the third or fourth time then becomes a choice and a pattern.

A large part of living intentionally is understanding what makes you who you are. You have to open yourself up to self-discovery and self-awareness. For you to be intentional you have to be clear on your values, passion, and talents. You have to solidify them. It takes time and energy to figure these things out, that’s why it helps if you pen them down. In this process, you examine and learn about yourself. Set goals and take action towards them. Set your intentions. Ask yourself what is it that you want to get out of this, out of life. What do you want to gain, what impact do you want to put out there and what is the purpose of this path that you are walking?

When you have clarity, you begin to work in alignment with purpose, understanding the essence of who you are and the impact you want to make in this world. Living intentionally requires commitment from you.

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