If are acquainted with your own voice or you are just trying to find your voice, on your journey you will discover that a lot of people will try to drown your voice or shut you up for whatever reason it may be, deeming your voice as subpar to their voice and opinions. In that process, you become timid of your own voice and let others speak for you without knowing their motives or true intentions. As a matter of fact, it is ok to make mistakes while articulating yourself, that’s how you learn and evolve. 

I went from being a controversial and opinionated blogger to a TV presenter, red carpet host, a radio host and then a public relations specialist. I spent most of my time and energy talking and articulating myself and telling other people’s stories. I reached a certain point where I wasn’t feeling fulfilled. I lost my voice as a result of depression and anxiety, the many faces of Bipolar Disorder. I became timid and every time I tried to articulate myself, I couldn’t do it. I held back and other people started talking for me, making assumptions about what my needs were and speaking on my behalf. 

I retreated from the media and entertainment scene and became m.i.a. In an abrupt conversation with a dear friend of mine, he asked why I wasn’t active on the media scene anymore and I responded ‘I lost my voice’, ‘I am afraid to speak and I don’t even know if I have anything to say’. He said to me; “You have a lot to say, so speak! Just open your mouth and speak, let everything out. The more you speak the sooner you learn how to filter what should be said and what should be kept to yourself but first, speak!”. I took that to heart and it was the most authentic thing I could do for myself. I spoke my raw truth and authenticity. After passing through the stammering and blurbs, I began sharing again and filtered what should be shared and what should be kept to myself to the point where when I want to share something on social media and I wasn’t sure if I should, I sent them to my therapist via WhatsApp instead. That way, I started the process of owning my voice again. 

Owning your voice is being able to say NO when necessary and standing by it, as well as saying YES with intention when you have to. When you don’t own your voice it is easy for you to people please because you won’t have a mind of your own and you think other people’s voice and opinions matter than yours. Not owning your voice can wear you thin especially when others start speaking for you with their assumptions of what you need or the life they’ve conceptualized for you. Owning your voice is speaking with purpose and intention. One of the ways I own my voice is through these newsletters. We all have something to say and our words make so much impact just like our actions. Listen to what your inner voice is saying to you and articulate it if need be or express them to a mentor, confidant or someone you can trust to guide that beautiful and powerful voice of yours in the right direction.

Your voice matter simply because you exist.

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