SNY SPOTLIGHT: Lanre Shonubi

Lanre Shonubi is a young media maven. He started his journey in the media while he was in university. He has been active in the creative space for a long time and he is self innovative, forging his own path and following his passion. He is currently an on air personality at HOT 93.3 FM.

  • Tell us a little background about yourself

My name is Lanre Shonubi a graduate of covenant university. I am currently living my dream as a broadcaster at hot 93.3fm Lagos, I am also a creative director, event host,  entertainment consultant and influencer.

  • You are known for being a diverse and multifaceted creative. How did you discover your creativity?

I really can’t remember how I discovered myself  but I realized how much I enjoyed listening to radio and watch presenters do what they did and this was as early as 6 and one day I decided to start recording my myself doing demo radio shows on my desktop system at home and viola broadcasting became my first love 

  • What are some of the challenges that you have experienced as a creative?

Some of my challenges include; Putting a price on my craft, bargaining the price with clients and ultimately the Nigerian ecosystem.

  • Can you tell us some of the creative personalities you look up to?

David Letterman, Trevor Noah, I.K, Dave Chappell, Ebro, Julia Adenuga, Charlamagne. All these people give me hope and love what I do.

  • What is your favorite song to play on air?

I listen to a lot of music I mean I am a lifestyle/entertainment broadcaster but there’s this song I really love to play; Floating by Manny Wellz & VanJess

  • Most creatives find it difficult to get paid for their skills, craft and value. How do you think this can be changed?

So I am going to speak about this from my perspective, i.e how it works for me. For me, I created a rate card that states all I do and their prices. Basically, I send it to my clients and communication is easier from there. So basically, know your worth and put your desired price on what you do.

  • Which of your creative skills do you wish to explore more?

Acting , I really want to act. I have been dying for a role in a movie that would show on the big screen and I want to be a rich lover boy in my film. PLEASE IF YOU ARE A MOVIE CREATOR AND YOU ARE READING THIS! YAH BOY IS AVAILABLE!

  • What advice do you have for young creatives looking to work in the media?

Start now! There’s no age or time to start. There’s no better time! START NOW! Folks, please start! You have technology at your disposal so use it to your advantage. Please start.

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