SNY SPOTLIGHT: Oyinkansola Fawehinmi

Oyinkansola, popularly known as ‘Foza‘ is one of the trendsetters and pacesetters in the media industry. Foza has helped creatives to navigate the murky waters of show business. She is an entertainment lawyer, talent manager and A&R that is dedicated to helping music talents and other creatives protect their art while maintaining the integrity of their craft, the authenticity of their story and sharing their gems with the world.

  • Tell us a little background about yourself 

Foza is 9 years deep in entertainment as a business and 7yrs at the Nigerian Bar. Foza is dedicated to providing sustainable wealth solutions to the African creative industry. Foza is well known amongst the entertainment business circles as a trailblazer and doer. 

  • Your passion for what you do is impeccable. You specialize in entertainment law and intellectual property. How did you come to the decision that this was the type of law you wanted to practice?

It was pretty easy for me. I am blessed to have identified my purpose early enough, so all of my decisions are based on whether it furthers my purpose or not. Entertainment in general was such a natural thing for me. Law was acquired and the beauty of law for me was always the logical and analytics of it. It was fulfilling to learn that I could combine both.

  • If you hadn’t studied law, what would have been your alternate career?

A dancer and hypewoman. *laughs*, If you ever attend a family function of mine, you would see this industrious side of mine.

  • The entertainment industry in Nigeria is evolving particularly the music industry. What are the 3 things an artist need to thrive in this industry? as an artist who want to be as big as Davido, Wizkid, Burna Boy or Tiwa Savage?

A dedicated Team , consistency and patience.

  • While you were in school you explored your musical talent. Writing rap verses and recording mixtapes. Will you be expressing the musical side of yourself anytime in the future?

*laughs* Abeg no. I have found another expression for it which is in talent management and A&R. Let’s leave it like that make we no cast.

  • When it comes to entertainment law in the Nigerian music, film and creative industry, what is the one thing that is lacking?

I would say proper education on how the business should work.

  • Why is it vital to have legal consult or representation as a creative?

Prevention is better than cure. Curing a problem is way expensive. I mean it’s more money for me but costlier for them.

  • Tell us an unknown fact about you

I am very lazy *laughs*. If you leave me, it is watching movies and sleeping all day. I love my own company A LOT.

  • We have seen incidents of life imitating art particularly when some artists ask their sexual conquests to sign a non-disclosure agreement before getting sexually intimate. Why is this unwise?

*laughs* I have no answer to this to be honest.

  • There is a gender gap in the industry and the law you practice as a whole. How do we close this gap and call for more women representation in the media/entertainment industry and in law?

Personally, I think the work falls on those of us that have entered into positions of power, we need to constantly and deliberately throw back the rope for younger women to climb up too.

  • When you are not lawyering, what would Foza be seen doing?

In the studio A&Ring session, enjoying live music, tweeting, being a private nuisance *laughs*.

  • What advice to you have for upcoming creatives who are trying to be successful and make impact with their crafts?

Research, read and have an open mind.

  • What’s the one quote that has shaped the discipline for your passion?

Excuses are tools in the hands of the incompetent, they are monuments of nothingness and those that use them are not wise.

Photo credit: Lanre Ayorinde/Foza

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