Are you very dialled into your environment and things that are happening around you? For example, you are in a restaurant and something is happening many tables away from you. Will you be in tune or aware that is happening?, If yes then this is for you. 

Auto-Accommodating is letting other people’s emotions and energies live in your being, personal/sacred space and your energy space for so long and without permission. It is being hyper-vigilant and being responsible in a high functioning co-dependent way for what is happening around you and to people you have little or no relationship with. Ideally, it is very common for us as highly sensitive people and empaths to feel other people’s emotions and energies but it becomes a problem when we allow them to live rent-free in our head and energy for so long and so much that it consumes us. This can be very stifling as it is an unconscious process. One can be oblivious to the fact that this is happening until you catch yourself in the moment while auto-accommodating.

Here’s what auto-accommodating does to you, it’s like your computer running slow and you don’t know why until you suddenly realize you have many tabs open with videos playing and several softwares running in the background. It is exhausting and it drains your energy. Don’t waste your precious brain space and energy levels on managing something that is not at all your side of the street. If you are doing this all the time, you are either prioritizing other people’s needs before yours or you are dialled in too many things that are happening around you and away from you which can lead to sensory overload. It is like you are scanning constantly for threats or problems to fix and there’s low-level anxiety that comes being in this state which leads to people-pleasing.

For you to stop auto-accommodating, you have to raise your awareness of when or where you are doing it. Tap into what’s happening in your mind, what you are thinking about. You need present moment consciousness to decipher when you are auto-accommodating. Dial into your body through breathing exercises and ask yourself what am I thinking about? what is in my energy space at the moment? Become more aware.

Featured Image: Drew Roberts/SwanLakePhotography

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