Many people think manifestation is just setting intentions, writing the things they want to manifest, and just like that, you get what you have manifested. A lot goes into manifestation but these efforts are the bare minimum. Writing the things you want to manifest, saying them out loud as affirmations, visualizing and feeling them like you have already received them are all cool and won’t take up much of your time but taking inspired action requires commitment from you. It is your way of showing the universe you take your manifestation seriously, showing you truly want and deserve the things you have manifested.

In one of my previous newsletters, I talked about making sure your container is ready, which in essence means that you are ready to receive, it means that you have cleared your energy space internally and externally and you are open to welcome in your manifestations. A crucial part of making sure your container is ready besides decluttering your energy space and being ready to receive is taking inspired action. Putting in the work and doing the things that are necessary for your manifestations to come to fruition. Inspired Action influences your vibration, particularly because you have to be a vibrational match to the things you have manifested.

The Law of Attraction and Manifesting is not magic. Taking inspired action, allows the universe and your subconscious to give you ideas, signs, and signals. These things begin to help you attract new people, situations, and other possibilities into your life that take you many steps closer to your goals and dreams. They can even come in form of epiphany or sudden and great realization. There is an excitement that comes with taking inspired action because when you do ideas flow naturally, it feels like you are in the zone and in alignment with the universe. You are inspired, energized, and enthusiastic! Inspired action won’t feel like work yet you are highly productive. Inspired action comes from your soul.

Inspired action won’t always feel good because it takes you out of your comfort zone and that can be scary at times but it’s okay, it might not be easy or fun but once you take action you conquer fear, you are led to the next important step to accomplish your goal, you will know that you are on track and the inspired action you have taken will feel wonderful and rewarding. Yet inspired action could be as simple as you wanting to manifest your dream career and you get a nudge or gut feeling to go get a cup of coffee and there you meet someone in that career industry you want to work in. Inspired Action requires you to be present and mindful to be able to see, feel or hear this call to action from the universe. Listen, be alert, focus on self-care and self-love, the more you are able to clear your mind the more you’ll be open to this call to action, all of which fuels your inspired action.

Inspired action works with our belief system and our belief system is what rules our reality and rules our world. Take inspired action today!

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