Over the years successful people and entrepreneurs have always shared their experiences with the Law of Attraction and how they have manifested the life of their dreams. However, in recent times the word ‘Manifestation’ is being used a lot and it is becoming an integral part of people’s lives particularly as they come into their own awakening and consciousness, the more they realize that they are co-creators on this earth through God and the infinite possibilities.

Many have tried the law of attraction and manifestation techniques and it hasn’t worked for them. Meanwhile, there is a huge contrast where there are people who use LOA in their day to day lives and it works for them. Just like that, in an instant, they can manifest anything they want. Why does it work for these people? They have faith, they are able to believe that they already have what they seek. They are able to use visualization to see their manifestation and feel it as if it were already happening but there are sides to manifesting that they don’t tell you about and very few people are aware of this.

Your container has to be ready for that which you have manifested! Your container is your body, soul and spirit. You have to be in alignment with what you have manifested for it to come to fruition. Your container has to be ready and equipped enough to accommodate the things you have manifested. Say, you are trying to manifest a million naira and your container doesn’t have a good relationship with money (in some cases you even say it out and admit to yourself that you are not prudent or not good with money or don’t know how to manage money) that million naira you have manifested will not come to you because you are not equipped to handle it, neither will you know what to do with it positively and productively. 

The same thing goes for the lack mindset. If that is what your container is used to, you cannot manifest that dream house or a dream job. You have to reframe your thinking and belief system. More so, what you say to yourself are powerful and they are subconscious words of affirmation. If you say ‘I am broke’, that will be the state you find yourself in. If you believe you have abundance and speak kindly to yourself and trust that you have that abundance then abundance will come to you. So for your container to be ready, you have to do some of these things and more; making sure that you are taking care of your vessel (Your body, health, mental health and eating right), practising meditation, mindfulness and gratitude, re-engineering your mind and thoughts from negative self talk to positive affirmations, mastering visualization (as this is important when using manifestation techniques), grow into the mindset of wholesomeness and abundance as well as practising self-love. Not the pampering yourself, spa day kind of self-love but doing the things that are necessary for your growth and where you have envisioned yourself to be.

The last part of manifestation is ‘Letting Go’. When you manifest, visualize what you have manifested, feel it as though you already have it with the strong faith that all is possible, you have to let go and let the universe do its thing. When you manifest, you are giving the higher power a list of what you want for your life (which before you even manifest, the universe already know what you need and what your requests are). Allow God to bring your manifestation to fruition. When you don’t let go and you worry about how your manifestation will come to you or when you’ll receive it, it is almost as if you are trying to do God’s job. So, let go and let God.

Remember, make sure your container is ready to receive what you have manifested and learn to let go after manifestation.

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