When it comes to matters of the heart, many of us look outside of ourselves for the validation of our emotional fulfilment. It doesn’t even have to be a romantic inclination, it could be merely being appreciated by another person, being seen or your efforts being recognized. You have to look inwards, rather than without. This evasive insecurity is what fuels seeking validation on social media. Being addicted to likes and relying on how much comments you receive for endorphins to be released into your body.

The truth is, YOU ARE THE LOVE THAT YOU SEEK. While you are busy swiping away on tinder trying to find the perfect person to fall in love with you or sliding into the DMs of some hot person’s profile you stumbled on and deep liking 20 of their photos, a part of you, deep in your guts know that these are superficial things. To attract the kind of love and person you desire, you have to be on that vibrational frequency of what you desire. You don’t just have to emit love, you have to be love but first, look inwards and give yourself all the love that is required to your flaws, your insecurities, your imperfection and even more so, parts of yourself that you find beautiful.

Face your shadow self. Your shadow self is the part of yourself that you don’t want others to see or you are afraid to share with people. Acknowledging and addressing your shadow self opens you up to the possibilities of LOVE. Co-dependency is not love, neither is emotional addiction. Love is safe, it is okay to be vulnerable, it is inter-independence, it is wholesomeness. Open your heart chakra. Pay attention to how you receive compliments. Do they make you uncomfortable or awkward? or do you embody and appreciate the compliments you are given?. These things that seem little play a role in how you radiate the love that you are.

You are worthy of love exactly as you are because the creator of the universe made you out of pure love. Be that, be love!

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